Antonine Peduzzi And Luisa Orsini


TL-180: the initials of the designers Tine and Luisa, paired with the measurement of their height.
This is the origin of the name TL-180, a contemporary brand that translates the concept of timeless style into the essential balance between design, quality and versatility.

Tine is French. Luisa is Italian.


In 2011 Tine and Luisa moved to Paris and of cially launched TL-180, detaching themselves from the restricting expectations of fashion to introduce a product with a unique identity, sophisticated but nonchalant, that mirrors their way of thinking and understanding everyday elegance without ever giving up on artisanal savoir-faire.

A collection of bags in which modern luxury nds the perfect measure of both careful attention and accessibility and image and function, resulting in the unique and often unconventional lines that are sophisticatedly urban, destined to last over time and to accompany every look, in the city and on the road, at work and while relaxing, from morning to night. The attention to materials. The always distinctive shapes, whether minimal or more elaborate. The artful taste of the hand-painted decorations, that change from season to season drawing on ever-new cinematic inspirations.

In truth, the initial spark was kindled by an exhibition from the artist Anselm Kiefer.